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why we are

For some time I’ve been involved with various informal collaborations with other small practices in Sheffield, or had worked with other practices to source additional man-power or expertise on specific projects. This was really positive and definitely added strength to my offer as I knew I could draw upon additional resources and skills that might otherwise put me off particular projects. It also gave clients a great service because they got access to more than one practitioner and the varied specialist expertise that this brought.

About a year ago I started to think about how I could make this more formal or, at least, visible and celebrated. I thought it was a really good idea to get a small group of architects/designers in Sheffield that have a variety of skills/expertise/interests to put their names to a collective of built environment design professionals in Sheffield: The “S1 Design Collective”.

Many of these individuals I had already worked with extensively and there was a really strong fit with what I do and what I thought the collective should be about. The collective has grown from an initial meeting over coffee and lots of discussion about what the unique benefit is we are providing for our clients. Fundamentally, the collective is still about the client employing a sole practitioner with the personal and detailed service this brings; but with this they get access to the skills and expertise that the collective provides which can range from informal advice through to additional detailed design services. We think that what we do is certainly unique in Sheffield and offer clients a unique opportunity to get a multidisciplinary design service.

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