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Sharing an office with Energy Jump

In February this year I moved my architects practice out of the family home and in to a shared space down near the Wicker, close to Sheffield city centre.

After working from home for the past 14 years, it was a big decision, but one which has worked out well so far.

The space is a former garage – a single storey building of approx 120sqm with two rows of northlights and exposed roof trusses. The space is basic, but has great potential and the quality of light is very good.


I share the space with another S1 Collective member – Energy Jump. They design and install all types of renewable energies including ground and air source heat pumps, PV solar and solar thermal panels for commercial and residential clients. Rob Samuelson (the director of Energy Jump) was keen to get an architect with an interest in low energy, sustainable design to share the space as there are areas of common ground where we can help each other out with potential clients, specialist advice etc

The office space is very much a work in progress. It was cold last winter! The long term goal is the space will provide me with an office area within a larger showroom where there will be bits of renewable kit and information for potential clients to come in and have a look. We hope to have a meeting space for shared use and use the space as a venue for presentations/launches etc.

I have definitely been more productive since the move, although I lose a bit of time with the commute – No distractions such as hanging out the washing or checking up on the Tour de France. At the most basic level it is good to have someone else to use as a sounding board and share a bit of banter. Rob and his colleague Isobelle also make the odd cup of tea…. well Isobelle does!

My experience has been positive so far and as well as sharing possible leads with each other, there are potential projects in the pipeline where we may collaborate.

The landlord has adjacent spaces to rent and we would love to get other creative, green companies in as neighbours.

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